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PADA Course was founded in 2017 to create the readiness of the Thai society to cope with the disruptive change in the digital age, which has resulted in a drastic change in the economic and social ecosystems.

The co-founders decided to launch the “Police Administration in the Digital Age” training course to be the first training course in building a societal readiness to cope with disruptive change.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread through the world, the increase of vulnerability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity led to complicated problems to be solved by the leaders. Suddenly, the leaders found themselves in need of various knowledge and skills to deploy in the crisis. Therefore, the PADA founders expanded the PADA Course into a training institution to offer comprehensive and necessary knowledge to cope with the crisis. We focus mainly on the digital market to help the executives become more efficient, adaptable, and professional in management.

PADA Academy provides three areas of knowledge to develop; (1) mindset, (2) skillset, and (3) toolset. However, the knowledge from the lectures may not be sufficient to drive knowledge into practice. Therefore, it provides selective networking that can exchange some ideas and experiences and lend their expertise among executive alumni who attended training course from PADA Academy.
Vision หลักสูตรผู้บริหารระดับสูง


PADA Course provides a diverse branches of
critical knowledge about proactive management
for transformation leaders in the age of digital disruptive change.​


1. Selecting outstanding, functional, and diverse knowledge suitable for leaders to deal with disruptive change
2. Building a strong network of transformational leaders in various professions for facilitating, collaborating, and supporting among them
3. Organizing an academic and social activities for optimizing knowledge and creating Thai wisdom

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